How do I visit Valley Church?

Valley Church meets twice a week; Thursdays for Bible study and Sundays for worship, prayer and catch ups.  The best place to start is a visit to a Sunday gathering.  Pop your details into our contact form and we’ll be in touch with times, venues and any further information you might need.  Once you’ve met some locals and feel comfortable, you can join our mid-week, online teaching sessions via Zoom.

Our group currently gathers in a home in Traralgon on Sundays, but we have members traveling in from Morwell and Tyers.

What are gatherings like?

Our Sunday gatherings start at 3.30pm, in a home.  We chat over coffee and sweet treats for half an hour, until someone realizes “it’s getting late and we should really get going” (about 4pm).  

We start with some singing – we make a joyful noise together, kids and adults singing to God together.  After a few songs the kids move off with two responsible adults and the remaining group  have a quieter moment of worship before we have a “check-in”.

Everyone gets a chance to share a bit about their week, or big issues dominating their life at that point.  Then everyone prays for everyone, kids included.  Finally, someone caters a light meal every week and we end off with more chatting and eating. 

Once a month we share communion and at some meetings we focus our prayer time on global issues.


We hold scripture in the highest regard and every week provide study material for personal reflection and discussion.  Teaching meetings are on Thursday night (via Zoom).  Everyone reads the same scripture at home and then, in a guided discussion, we work through the passage together.  We’re big on questions and dialogue.  You can view our recent studies here.

If I come to a Valley Church Sunday,
what will it be like?

You won’t be able to hide in the back (none of our lounges are that big).

You will meet people, and people will meet you.

You don’t have to sing, but the rest of us will do it with gusto.

You don’t have to pray, but you will be asked if there’s anything you'd like us to pray for.

Our kids will run off with your kids on arrival.

Your first visit will need some courage, but your next visit will be much easier.